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Vol. 1 # 4, October 2001 - The "Dear Dina" Column

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In order to better accommodate your needs, I've decided to change the monthly tip sheet to a question-and-answer format. Send your writing questions to dina@frugalfun.com , and I'll answer them in a "Dear Dina" format. (You may use either a real or fake name.)

For example:

Dear Dina,
I never get the difference between it's and its. Who needs apostrophes anyway? Could you straighten me out once and for all.
I Should Know the Answer to This, But I Don't

Dear Should,
If you can say "it is, then the apostrophe stays. In this case, "it's" is always the contraction. "Its" is a possessive pronoun (like hers and his). True, if you substituted a name you would say Jane's or John's. But even in our groovy New Age society, I've yet to come across the name "It." I guess we aren't as alienated as we think.

Dear Dina,
I just got a letter from an agent who says he wants to read my novel, but he charges a $500 reading fee. He sent me a long list of books he's sold, and his interests seem to be a perfect fit for my subject, but if I pay the $500, I won't be able to pay my electric bill and then I won't be able to use my computer or have light to see by. But am I throwing away the chance of a lifetime? What should I do?
A Star to be Born

Dear Star,
Keep the computer and the lights on--and find another agent! Agents who charge steep reading fees live by the fees they collect, rather than from the income of the books they sell. Reputable agents will read a sample, then request the whole ms. if they're interested. If they sell your book, their commission is usually about 15%. If you get that far in the process--and I hope you do--make sure to have someone in the know go over your contract. That's when it's time to join the National Writer's Union or a similar advocacy organization so you don't get taken over the coals.


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