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Vol. 1 # 10, April 2002 - Real Characters in Fiction

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Dear Dina,

I want to write a novel based on my eccentric great aunt Grace, but if she recognizes herself, she'll leave me out of her will. And unless this book makes big time, I'll need the money. What should I do?

Poor Boy

Dear Poor Boy,

If you want to eventually be a rich boy, you'll need to make a clear leap between fact and fiction. Make Aunt Grace a man in a different town, several years younger if possible. Do whatever you can to change the story you want to tell. Rather than thinking about thinly disguising the character or the facts, ask yourself what the real lessons are that you want people to learn from Aunt G., and turn as much inside out as you possibly can. Of course, there's still a chance she might recognize the truth behind your fictional words, and you might still lose out on your inheritance, but who knows, your book might become a best seller, and at least she won't be able to sue you for libel.

Good luck,



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