Résumés that WORK to
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Résumés and cover letters. Everybody needs them—and everybody hates to write them.

Well, almost everybody. Actually, we love to write résumés and cover letters! We've been doing it for over 20 years. It is our joy to help you by taking anything from "pretty good but could be better with a little tweaking" to a jumbled mess of rough notes—and turning it into a one- or two-page marketing document that highlights your strengths, minimizes your weaknesses, and points your career in the direction you'd like to go. Then we accompany it with a brief cover letter, focused specifically on the exact job you're trying for. Our cover letters are designed to open the door to interviews.

We strive to prepare the best personal marketing documents, including résumés, cover letters, and other materials, to help you get interviews for the exact types of jobs you are looking for.

Since every human being is different, with different experience, strengths, likes and dislikes, and desires, every résumé we write is unique. You and a co-worker who does the same job as you could each approach us for a résumé, and the résumés would be different, because your life history and your career path will be different.

We also believe everyone can afford a professional résumé. We see no reason to jack our prices so high it dents your paycheck. We keep our expenses low and pass the savings on to you. Many of our competitors charge three, five, or ten times as much as we do—but because our process is better and we're not greedy, we're content to charge a fair but not outrageous price. Please click here for current pricing information.

I got a job as an interior design and art assistant for a property management firm in NYC, and I can't tell you how psyched I am. Most importantly, during my search a recruiter once told me that he had never seen a resume such as mine (despite seeing 300 resumes per day) in which there existed not one thing he felt he needed to change... so thanks for helping me build what he described as a "flawless" resume! Hope all is well with you and yours. , New York, NY

--Lilia Levine
New York, NY

Why a Résumé Must be a MARKETING Tool

When you apply for a job, your résumé and cover letter are the employer's first introduction to you. If they don't catch the reader's interest, you'll never get a shot at impressing the employer any other way.

An employer may receive hundreds of résumés for a good job opening. When they're flipping through a three-inch stack of résumés, they'll be looking for reasons to say no. Your résumé has only a few seconds to do its job: to pull the reader in with a concise, well-written, grammatical summary of your strengths, accomplishments, reliability, and your "rightness" for the job. A simple chronological presentation of your history, warts and all, isn't going to do the trick. Plodding language, the wrong format, leaving out key information—or including the wrong information—will all get you moved to the "no, but thanks anyway" pile. But if a résumé professional creates your résumé, the presentation will be geared to
• show off your best attributes
• provide the key information in a readable, approachable format
• make the most important points jump out at the reader
separate your résumé from the "slush pile" and be put in the much smaller "read carefully and maybe call for an interview" pile

Good Morning Shel,

Just to let you know. It's only been a couple of days, but the new resume has already provided more response than the old one ever did.

The response keeps coming in. Had a phone interview yesterday for a position in Atlanta that I'm well qualified for.

I cannot begin to thank you enough.

Nice work!

Christopher Dubea
Industrial Project Manager
Slidell, LA

I Know How to Use A Computer...Can't I Just Write My Own Résumé?

You can... But you're probably NOT doing yourself a favor! There is so much specialized knowledge in writing a résumé that it takes years to understand how to present yourself in the most favorable light.

The résumé that we can put together for you in a couple of hours is almost certain to be better than the one you might spend weeks struggling to write! (Still, if you insist, click here for some tips on writing your own.)

It's not just a matter of making it look pretty on a page (though we certainly have many strategies to achieve that goal). It's not even a question of good writing skills. It's a combination of knowing:

  • What employers look for
  • How to stress your best selling points while avoiding the particular problems of your situation
  • The perfect language to express your history, goals, and achievements
  • And, yes, how to format the page for maximum visual impact

    I think I am lucky to know you. The resume is exactly what I hoped for. Your experience/knowledge created a professional "sales" instrument. I now will feel confident sending it out.

    Wendy Gotesman, Equipment Management Coordinator, Rochester, NY

    In short, a résumé has to be a marketing document. That's why we've been hired by several professional journalists—people who are extremely computer-literate and good with words—to write their résumés. We've also created résumés for teachers, nurses, students, retail managers, executive vice presidents, computer wizards, office workers, and everyone else you can think of.

    How long have you been frustrated with a résumé that isn't doing the job? Within a few days, you can have a résumé you'll submit with pride! Click here to get started on the road to a better résumé—and a better career!

    Though I've helped many people compose their own résumés, never have I accomplished the task so easily and with such concentrated speed. Equally important, of course, was the tremendous ego lift your work has provided for me. I have a résumé I can present with dignity, and for this I am very grateful.

    Bertha Losez, Leeds, MA

    For more information, send an email via our contact form (on one of our sister sites), or call 413.586.2388 (8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Time).

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